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O'Neills in County Fermanagh

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O'Neills in County Fermanagh

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Surname Forename Townland/Street DED County Age Sex
O'Neill James Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 47 M
O'Neill Bridget Annagolgan Rosslea Fermanagh 26 F
O'Neill Cornelius Annagolgan Rosslea Fermanagh 76 M
O'Neill Maria Anne Annagolgan Rosslea Fermanagh 31 F
O'Neill Kathleen Main Street (Irvinestown Town) Irvinestown Fermanagh 12 F
O'Neill Patrick Annagolgan Rosslea Fermanagh 30 M
O'Neill Arthur Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 50 M
O'Neill Rose Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 22 F
O'Neill Francis Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 69 M
O'Neill Arthur Follum Little Dresternan Fermanagh 77 M
O'Neill Laurence Joseph Follum Little Dresternan Fermanagh 22 M
O'Neill Rose Altnaponer Grogey Fermanagh 69 F
O'Neill John Garvary Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 70 M
O'Neill Charles Garvary Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 21 M
O'Neill Rose Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 67 F
O'Neill Bridget Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 44 F
O'Neill John Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 35 M
O'Neill Rebecca Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 73 F
O'Neill William Main Street (Irvinestown Town) Irvinestown Fermanagh 46 M
O'Neill Francis Drumarky Lisnabrick Fermanagh 21 M
O'Neill Patrick Altnaponer Grogey Fermanagh 78 M
O'Neill Patrick Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 34 M
O'Neill Mary Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 73 F
O'Neill Maggie Main Street (Irvinestown Town) Irvinestown Fermanagh 21 F
O'Neill Mary Main Street (Irvinestown Town) Irvinestown Fermanagh 46 F
O'Neill Patrick S Tempo Town Tempo Fermanagh 46 M
O'Neill Mary Roseanne Follum Little Dresternan Fermanagh 23 F
O'Neill Mary Glen Imeroo Fermanagh 35 F
O'Neill John Glen Imeroo Fermanagh 29 M
O'Neill James Henry Annagolgan Rosslea Fermanagh 28 M
O'Neill Margaret Lowerybane Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 30 F
O'Neill Ethel Main Street (Irvinestown Town) Irvinestown Fermanagh 9 F
ONeill Bridget Tonydrummallard Dresternan Fermanagh 60 F
O' Neill John Shareholders Row Lisnaskea Fermanagh 45 M
ONeill Rosanna K Tonydrummallard Dresternan Fermanagh 22 F
O Neill Terry Drumierna Tirmacspird Fermanagh 59 M
ONeill Kathleen Moybane Goolyermer Fermanagh 15 F
O Neill John Claragh Rahalton Fermanagh 45 M
ONeill May Moybane Goolyermer Fermanagh 17 F
ONeill Francis Tonydrummallard Dresternan Fermanagh 65 M
ONeill Magrt Jane Tonydrummallard Dresternan Fermanagh 19 F
O' Neill Joseph Graan Ely Fermanagh 25 M
O Neill John James Claragh Rahalton Fermanagh 0 M
O Neill Isabella Claragh Rahalton Fermanagh 35 F
ONeill Mary Tobradan Ross Fermanagh 36 F
ONeill John Boyaghan Irvinestown Fermanagh 51 M
ONeill Lizzie Boyaghan Irvinestown Fermanagh 48 F
ONeill Elizabeth Cavancarragh Castlecoole Fermanagh 75 F
ONeill Denis Killylifferbane Glebe Dresternan Fermanagh 68 M
ONeill Bernard James Tobradan Ross Fermanagh 42 M
O Neill Patrick Derrylougher Brookhill Fermanagh 66 M
O Neill James Ballymagaghran Castlecaldwell Fermanagh 20 M
O Neill James Drumhirk Ederny Fermanagh 60 M
O Neill Michael Farranacurky Kilmore Fermanagh 23 M
ONeill Joseph Gubrusdinna Inishmore Fermanagh 20 M
ONeill Henry Boyaghan Irvinestown Fermanagh 25 M
ONeill Mary Nora Killylifferbane Glebe Dresternan Fermanagh 5 F
O Neill Catherine Sandholes Newtown Butler Fermanagh 25 F
O Neill Elizabeth Sandholes Newtown Butler Fermanagh 63 F
ONeill Margaret Killylifferbane Glebe Dresternan Fermanagh 72 F
O Neill John Brookhill Brookhill Fermanagh 58 M
ONeill Tague Market St. Pt. of Enniskillen North Fermanagh 35 M
ONeill Bridget D Tonydrummallard Dresternan Fermanagh 21 F
ONeill Arthur B J Tonydrummallard Dresternan Fermanagh 17 M
ONeill Charles Meenmore Magheraclumoney Fermanagh 35 M
ONeill Lizzie Boyaghan Irvinestown Fermanagh 19 F
ONeill Bridget Boyaghan Irvinestown Fermanagh 17 F
ONeill John Boyaghan Irvinestown Fermanagh 15 M
ONeill Mary Killylifferbane Glebe Dresternan Fermanagh 32 F
ONeill Sarah Killylifferbane Glebe Dresternan Fermanagh 60 F
O Neill Ellen Brookhill Brookhill Fermanagh 51 F
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