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Forum Rules ...Please Read

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Forum Rules ...Please Read

PostMon Jul 07, 2014 6:13 pm

In addition to the terms and conditions you already accepted when registering (, the following terms and conditions apply for users of this website:

1.The purpose of this website is to promote the culture and history of the Clans of Ulster including researching, compiling, recording and preserving this history as well as generating further interest in clan history and genealogy. We encourage members to record their own Family Trees and share any information they wish.
We are not allied with any sect, religious denomination, political party, organization or institution.
2. On this site we will show respect to all cultures and ask for the same in return.
3. Membership is open to all people who carry or have an interest in Gaelic culture or anyone related to or associated with the clan names.
4. We ask that all members be aware that inappropriate language will not be tolerated. This site may be used by persons under the age of 16 and we are committed to their protection.
5. We ask that any discussions regarding Irish politics be directed solely to the study of history and not as a debate to perpetuate one’s own beliefs.
6. The only requirement for membership is a desire to research your own history and genealogy and to help educate others in our rich history and culture. We hope to get to know each other better as we explore the world of our forefathers. This site is open to all who share a genuine passion for the history of the Ulster Clans.
7. Moreover for obvious legal reasons we can't tolerate any copyrighted material published here, of course with the one exemption that the poster is the sole copyright holder( their own work ). Any liability for breaking copyright laws will stay with the poster.
8. To prevent this forum from unwittingly becoming a link farm we have agreed on the rule....No internet links allowed in users' signatures“
9. No advertising please
10. Enjoy yourselves and get to know each other!

Most of these rules are covered by normal decent behaviour anyway, so welcome all and have a good time here.
My ipad controls my spellings not me so apologies from it in advance :) lol

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