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Ulster Clans of Ireland's Constitution

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:45 pm
by Tricia
Welcome to the Ulster Clans of Ireland website . You will also find us on our busier Facebook group with same name . :D

The Ulster Clans are part of the great clans of Ireland who shaped the very path of Irish history for hundreds of years. For our ancestors and those associated with them it was a constant struggle to preserve a way of life. In the end much of the cultural heritage and traditions as well as the native language were lost.
As we reflect on the history of our ancestors we recognise that their stories of happiness, hardship, and resilience are worth remembering and recording for ourselves as well as for future generations. We do so not with bitterness and resentment but with awe and admiration for all that they accomplished.
Anyone associated with the Ulster Clans can trace his or her genealogy dating back to the High Kings of Ireland. Today there are many clans of Ulster who are spread throughout Ireland as well as many others spread throughout the world. Our goal is to reunite everyone associated with the Ulster Clans and to explore the rich history of our ancestors. We encourage everyone to join the website and to become an active participant: Record your own family history as much as you know of it, get to know the other members on the site, share old stories, read about the history of your ancestors and enjoy an informal friendly exchange of ideas and information.
The idea for this group and the website was first envisioned in July 2014 by Belfast born Tricia Morrow, an enthusiastic genealogist and descendant from O'Neill Clan from County Tyrone Ireland and descended from other Ulster clans, it has since grown to include members from Ireland, Germany, United States, Canada, Australia and of course our Gaelic cousins in Scotland as well as rest of Uk

The founding members of this group and website are the above mentioned original founder, Tricia Morrow, Maura Magill dedicated genealogist from Ireland, Fairlie Gordon from Scotland our historian, Aoife nic SeaĆ­n from Germany operator of this website, Gabrielle McInerney Tyrone born history enthusiast, Doreen Jamieson Belfast born history enthusiast, Bernadette Gilmartin history enthusiast. The founding members have an extensive knowledge of the Ulster counties and their history.
All decision making, rules and adherence to the goals stated above are to be enforced and or further determined by this Constitution under the guidance of the Board of the Ulster Clans of Ireland.
The Board of Ulster Clans of Ireland are to serve two year terms from the date of the adoption of this Constitution by nominated Board Members, with final say at any time by the Chief Guardian should disputes arise. Board members can be added or removed during serving terms at behest of and a vote of the Executive.
Any decisions in relation to marketing, sponsorship or third party endorsements must be put to the Board for a vote to ensure transparency and accountability. Groups may be formed under the umbrella of the Ulster Clans of Ireland and be supported and endorsed by the Board.

Office Bearers

Chief Guardian: Tricia Morrow

Chair: Maree Duffy-Moon

Secretary: Bernadette Gilmartin

Family Tree Designer and Co-Ordinator: Maura Magill Kennedy

Lecturer and Media Co-Ordinator: Colm Scullion

Media Co-Ordinator for Sweden: Ed O'Neill

Scotland's Keeper of the Realm: Fairlie Gordon

Board Members: James McCann, Walter Murphy, Gabrielle McInernery

Footnote .... Please feel free to contact us via email if you feel we have infringed upon your copyright in any way. In no way is this intentional and we give credit to all material used but oversights do occur and we will deal with any complaint without undue delay.

Either contact Aoife or myself at...