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Clan Dunne

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Clan Dunne

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The Dunne name has many variants with Duinn, Dunn, Dun, Donn, Dunne, Doinn, Doyne being among the most common. From the 14th Century and like many Gaelic names in Ireland during and after the conquests in Ireland many Clans began to spell their name as it sounded with the "new" English language were forced to stop using any prefix of “O” meaning “son of” or "Ni" meaning daughter of, as it was deemed too Irish.

The name has a deep history in Ireland and is said to stem originally from “Donn” which means brown in the Irish language, and is often used to describe a person of a swarthy complexion.
However the name is also present in early Irish mythology and recorded in Irelands first book the “annals of the masters” from when the Mileasians (Gaels) contended the Pagan Gods (Tuatha De Danann) for ownership of the land. The two groups agreed to divide Ireland between them, the Gaels ruling the above and named the land Eiru after the daughter of the gods while Tuatha De Danann ruled from below.
Donn himself was originally cheiftan over the Mileasians but drowned off the coast of Ireland. As the first of the Milesians to die in the invasion of Ireland, and being of a high status, Donn's position soon became elevated to “Lord of the Dead” or “The Dark One”. As time passed, his story was absorbed into fairy-lore, and he was thought of as a King of the Sibhe.

The family was prominent in Leinster where they held an ancient royal seat under the High King of Ireland and they ruled from their stronghold in Clonaslee Co Lois. The Slí Dála (meaning passageway to the center) is one of the 5 ancients roads which ran through their territory leading directly to the High King at the hill of Tara.
The Dunnes where known for their wildness and Hostility to English interest in Ireland and during the Cromwellian wars the Clan were known to fight fiercely against the changes happening and the advancement of “The Pale”. Although they managed to build many castles and strongholds throughout their reign, Cromwell wanted an end to their hostility and their influence over many Irish clans. as a result many of their strongholds are now in ruins.
They eventually lost their power and retreated into the hills to regroup. it was here that their family motto and war cry could first be heard “Mullach Abu” meaning victory from the summit and It was from the summits that the remaining Septs spread into other Gaelic areas and continued their ambushes and hostility on their enemies.

Some of the Dunne strongholds throughout the conquest:
Tinnahinch Castle
Brittas Castle
Ballinakill Castle
Coolnamoney Castle
Castlebrack Castle
Clarahill Castle
Ballinahemmy Castle
Raskeen Castle

Motto / Battle cry: Mullach Abu = Victory from the summits

Decoding the family crest:
Coat of arms / colours were used to show many families allegiances during war and peace and also to identify the individual clans during battle. Each crest is unique with even the choosing of the colours enough to depict key features about a Clan.

Golden Phoenix on a blue backround. Colours, Blue and Gold.
Blue: Truth and loyalty Gold:Generosity and elevation of the mind Phoenix: Symbol of resurrection
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Re: Clan Dunne

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Nice one Stiofan
My ipad controls my spellings not me so apologies from it in advance :) lol

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